Winter is Coming

You can really feel it now, huh? Winter is coming. Handling the cold, the dark and the lack of sunshine is easy with some preparation and planning. There’s no need to dread the cold like they do in Game of Thrones. Here are some tips for living it up through winter:

Stay social. Okay, so walks along the beach and Saturday arvo BBQ’s might be out during winter. So host a dinner party instead. Or go see a theatre show with your friends. Or find a nice, warm pub for a Sunday counter meal. Or take a road trip to the country for high tea and scones. There are plenty of warm, social options to try. The hardest thing is just getting out of the house!

Stay warm. According to Chinese medicine, raw foods like salads have a “cold” effect on the body. This winter experiment with cooked foods, even if it’s just lightly steamed. Focus on roasts, soups and stir-fries. Things that have heat. And stay warm during the day with herbal teas. Especially those with ginger. Ginger alway warms me from the inside out!

Keep moving. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you get to stop exercising. There are plenty of indoor sports/activities to try. Swimming, netball, or as my cousin keeps reminding me, rock-climbing (gulp!). If you’re thinking of embracing the season and doing snow sports, make sure you rug up accordingly. But whatever you choose to do, you’ll feel better for moving. Trust me.

Love your garden. No matter how hard winter is for you, it’s double that for the garden. I mean, can you imagine sleeping outside every night throughout winter. Without a blanket? Mulch is like a blanket for the garden. Put a layer of mulch down now (which will help keep the warmth in the soil and keep plants’ roots happy) and you’ll be thanking yourself come spring!

Enjoy it. Do things that you can only really do in Winter. Enjoy rugging up before you go for a walk. Enjoy snuggling under the covers with your partner at night. Enjoy a Saturday arvo movie when it’s raining outside. Relish the opportunities that you don’t get in Summer!

See? It’s not the end of the world. It’s just winter. Prepare properly and you’ll have a ball.

Tiny Change for the Day: Make a winter “To Do” list.

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