Why All the Self-Help Stuff

I know, I know, this is a “let’s make the world greener and healthier” blog and yet, I’m constantly posting stuff about making your brain and life happier. That’s not what you come here for!

Or is it?

Because, to make the world a better place is much more than just partaking in Clean Up Australia Day and growing your own veggie garden – it’s about community and family and love. More than anything LOVE.

And love starts inside yourself.

When you love yourself and your life, you give love back into the world. You’re more thoughtful. You’re more present. You’re more compassionate. And with those qualities comes mindfulness.

When you’re mindful, you’re much more likely to remember to recycle your stuff. You’re much more likely to think about planting the roots of those spring onions you just used. You’re much more likely to pick up three pieces of rubbish at the beach.

But furthermore, when you’re happy, you make the world a happier place. You don’t care about the tradie who just cut you off in traffic. You don’t snap at your mum when she hassles you about not responding to her calls. You don’t tell your kids to be quiet so you can finish reading the article you’ve been trying to read for days.  When you’re happy, you take all this in stride and just give out love.

Because, as important as the health of the world is, so too is your health and the happiness of those around us.

That’s why I write posts about being mindful and loving yourself. That’s why I focus on gratitude. Because when you love yourself, you make SO much room in your life to love those around you.

Like attracts like.

Tiny Change for the Day: Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you. Because it starts with you!

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