Who is Steve Marsh?


Steve Marsh

Let’s talk about Steve Marsh.

Actually, let’s talk about your rights. Let’s talk about your right to eat the food you want to eat. Regardless of whether you want to eat organic food (or bio-dynamic food or any other type of food for that matter), you should have the right to make that choice. You should be able to choose the quality of food that you put into your body.

Steve Marsh believes that too.

Steve is an organic farmer. Or, should I say, was an organic farmer. Because Steve has lost his organic accreditation due to the fact that his neighbour planted a genetically modified crop which then, via wind, contaminated 70% of his land.

This contamination cost Steve his livelihood, but moreover, is indicative of what transgenic GM foods risk to all agriculture (not to mention the natural environment!). The more GM crops that are planted, the more cross-contamination that will occur. And the less we are able to control any choice we have over the type of food we consume.

Despite this happening world-wide for years, Steve Marsh is the first organic farmer to seek compensation from a GM farmer. In. The. World.

Steve Marsh is a hero. He’s putting himself, his farm, his livelihood on the line to try to set a precedent against GM farming. To try to protect my rights, your rights, our rights, to choose the food we eat. And to protect a farmers’ rights to choose to farm organically.

The case is currently before the Western Australian Courts. Fingers crossed a precedent will be set for the protection of farmers and consumers rights to choose what sort of food they eat and not be exposed to genetically modified foods if they choose not to be. Because essentially, this case isn’t about whether GM foods are right or wrong, it’s about the rights of all people to live, garden and eat the way we choose.

Make no mistake that this is a David and Goliath battle that will have wide-reaching repercussions for the environment and agriculture world-wide for the foreseeable future.

You can learn more here.

You can follow the day by day trial blog here.

You can support Steve on Facebook here.

You can watch Steve’s 5 minute youtube clip here.

You can donate to Steve’s cause here.

Tiny Change for the Day: If you believe in your rights to choose the type of food you eat, read about Steve Marsh, share his story in social media, donate to his cause – do something.

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