This Morning’s Farmer’s Market


Feta, Leek and Spinach borek and a freshly brewed chai = breakfast bliss!

So, it’s no secret that I’m in love with Farmer’s Markets. Why? Because I get to see the people who I’m buying my food off AND I know that the food is: a) local, b) organic and c) fresh. Generally the produce is also seasonal, which is something that I’m reasonably passionate about. Oh and there are ALWAYS yummy breakfasts to be had.

Anyway, today I spent $80. Which freaked me out a little until I reasoned that $12 of that was on the flowers and $10 was on my breakfast. So we’ll settle for $60ish.

Here’s what I got for my $60:


3 x organic Lemons

12 x free-range ethical eggs

2 x organic zucchini

3 x organic broccoli

1 x bunch of organic kale

1 x (massive) bunch of basil

1 x (massive) bunch of coriander

2 x eggplants

3 x organic parsnips

12 x organic apples

1 x bag of oranges

1 x bunch organic garlic

1 x bag of tomatoes

Overall I’m pretty happy with that. Easily a week’s worth of fruit and veggies for us plus 3 months worth of garlic.

Tiny change for the day: google where your nearest farmer’s markets are and keep it in mind for a weekend adventure!

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