The Mighty Banana


I love bananas. Not like. Love. Because they are so versatile. They are the perfect breakfast food because they give you lots of energy for the day. They’re full of potassium (which helps good circulation – and circulation is what moves the nutrients around your body). They help balance blood glucose levels. They taste good. When frozen they taste like banana ice-cream (but there’s no cream!). Aaaaand, they’re good for your garden!

I could seriously go on and  on. But I wont. Because that’s what google is for. But what I will do, is tell you how to get the most out of your bananas.

When a banana is at it’s peak, they’re best to simply eat. Anything else is an injustice. My favourite is to have butter, banana and honey on sourdough. (It’s my secret indulgence!)

When a banana is getting old, make it into a smoothie or a cake or freeze it for later use.

When a banana is frozen, defrost it to make it into a cake/bread, eat it like an ice-cream or blend it into a healthy smoothie. Don’t underestimate how happy kids can be with frozen banana “ice-cream”. i.e. a blended frozen banana.

Banana peels are great for the garden. Seriously. Especially your roses. You can use these in a couple of different ways. You can cut up the peel and dig it in around the roses or dry them out over a period of months (or straight away in the oven) and then blend the peels into a powder to mix into the garden. Like the banana itself, the peels are a great source of potassium for the garden. If nothing else, put the peels in the compost – your worms with love you!

Tiny change for the day: when using bananas, use the whole banana – peel and all. There’s never any need to throw a banana in the bin – they’re so useful!

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