The End of Summer


If you think this Summer in Australia has been hard for you, spare a thought for your garden. Regardless of how much love you’ve given it – how much mulch you put on before summer, how much water you gave it after a 40 degree day, how much shade you gave it on the eighth consecutive day of sun… it has struggled.

I’ve lost more veggies than I’ve grown this summer, I think. I was a little late onto my zucchini planting and by the time I got the seeds into the ground, they all withered within a week of sun. Apparently it doesn’t matter how much water you give a seedling – if it gets sun for eight days straight it’s not going to have a good time.

So… what to do now?

The end of Summer and start of Autumn is a great time to prepare for the coming year in the garden. It’s a time where you can focus heavily on the soil that will nourish your plants. You’ve got two seasons until Spring, so effectively 6 months to prepare and cultivate your soil.

Any gardener worth their weight in veggies will tell you that soil is the cornerstone of the success of a garden. And I’ll be honest, I’m still not au fait with soil maintenance. But one thing that I know – if you do nothing else to your garden bed, compost and mulch. They are the key.

Other than digging through some compost/manure and piling mulch on top, I’ll refer you back to my Autumn in the Garden post for other ideas!

Happy gardening – get into it before it gets too cold!

Tiny Change for the Day: Write up a “to do” list for your Autumn Garden!

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