Sprouts alive!


I’ve got a confession – I’m a little obsessed with sprouting. I’m not sure exactly what captivates me so much about them, but the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before bed always seems to be water my sprouts. Wow. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Why sprouts? Well there’s a myriad of reasons that I love them. Here’s a quick five:

1. They’re super easy to grow. You don’t need a garden. You don’t need a green thumb. You don’t even need any know-how. All you need are some seeds, a sprouter (jar/cannister/proper sprouter), some water and a little love.

2. They’re yummy. C’mon, you give me a salad/sandwich/soup that isn’t brightened by sprouts and I’ll eat my own hat. If my hat were a sprout-hat, that is.

3. They get kids into the kitchen. When we think of kids in the kitchen I tend to get images of kids with chocolate cake mixture all over them. But we don’t need to bribe them with sugar – kids love learning how the world works. You’ll be surprised at how they rush to the sprout jar to see how much they’ve grown overnight.

4. They’re super duper good for you. Not only do they have essential nutrients, are high in protein and are easy to digest, but they are living! “Living” foods still have energy coursing through them and are therefore better for us than “dead” foods.

5. Sprouts are good for the environment! Think about it, they take up no land, no fossil fuels, no transport and only a little water (which can be poured onto the garden after the sprouts are watered!).

Sprouts are a cheap, easy, and healthy addition to any meal. They’re also fun  and simple to grow (click here)!

Tiny change for the day:  next time you’re at the shops get some sprouts and add them to your meal OR grow your own!

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