Product Review – Who Gives a Crap???


Credit: Who Gives a Crap

No, I’m not being cynical, bitter or aggressive. I’m simply spruiking my favourite toilet paper’s name. Who Gives a Crap. With a tag line of “good for your bum, great for the world” it certainly lives up to its rep.

Any self-respecting Melbourne hipster will most likely recognise the brand these days. They’ve been up and running for about a year and a half and we have been receiving regular boxes of the stuff at our front door for the last year. It’s a product that makes me smile and one that I get behind literally.


What’s it all about? It’s about helping people who don’t have access to sanitation world wide and assisting in providing toilets to people in developing countries. In fact, a whopping 50% of their profits go to Wateraid to provide the above assistance.

Not only do they give their money to a good cause, but the paper they use is 100% recycled with no bleaches, chlorine, ink, dyes, or perfumes in their paper. Basically, you’re getting natural stuff for your lady (or manly) bits which is beneficial not only to your tush but to the environment. Because, we all know that what we flush goes back into the eco-system eventually.

All the “good for the world”-ness aside though, the product itself is beautiful, the paper soft for your tush and the cost on par with what you would be paying for toilet paper anyway. (Or it seems to be for us – in fact, I think we’ve been saving money). Furthermore, we get rolls delivered to our door every 6 weeks and are yet to run out once. (And let’s face it, we all like coming home to a delivery!)


One heads up I’d give people who are thinking of ordering a box is to be aware that you will have 6 weeks worth of toilet rolls to store. We don’t mind at all since they’re all so beautifully wrapped. We just make a shrine of colourful toilet rolls in the corner of the bathroom that all our guests inevitably comment on.


Who Gives a Crap is the perfect example of how I’m trying to change my life. I want to minimize my purchases, but where I must purchase things, surround myself with products that make me feel good – both physically and ethically.

Tiny Change for the Day: Buy a box of Who Gives a Crap – who knows, you might become a convert like me!

Note: as with all of my reviews, I review what I want to review with no gifts, coercion or extra love given for my reviews. They are wholly and 100% my thoughts and experience.

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