Plastic Bags

I watched this short film the other day called Waste Deep. I highly recommend it when you have a short 20 minutes to spare. As with all sustainability, activism and conservation it’s really all about awareness. It’s so easy to get caught up in your day (I do it all the time) and opt for convenience instead of mindfulness.

Just the other day, I was flustered trying to get me and my son out the door before he started crying and was wrestling with him, the pram, and trying to remember the shopping list and my wallet. Next thing I know I’m down at the green grocer (with a crying baby, of course!), and the lady behind the counter is patiently asking me if I want plastic bags for my food. Crap. I’d forgotten my own bags.

We all do it. But, if we’re mindful about the repercussions this has and we take just a LITTLE bit of time to plan ahead, we can greatly reduce our waste.

You might think “but i’m just one person, what impact could I possibly have?”. Everyone is just one person. I don’t know anyone who is two people. So all it takes is a lot of one persons to make a change.

Plastic is a great place to start. For example, I’ve put two green shopping bags in the bottom of the pram and two more in the car. Ideally that should save me 5-10 plastic bags a week. Which, over the course of a year could be as much as 500 plastic bags. Go me.

Another thing¬†Waste Deep taught me was to look at what I’m purchasing and what it’s packaged in. I’ve always opted for things in pretty glass containers because I love making preserves. However now I look at how other stuff is packaged and if there’s a better option on the shelf. If I’m buying three zucchinis, I don’t really need to put them in a plastic bag now, do I? Again, saving another 5-10 plastic bags a week. Now I’m up to 1000 a year. I’m actually a sustainable superstar.

It doesn’t take much. But mindfulness really is the key. Just a small amount of awareness is all it takes to change your habits and make a difference for the earth.

Tiny Change for the Day: Do your best to minimise plastic bags. Use green bags or woven baskets or a backpack when you go to the shops. All else fails and you forget your bags – ask them if they have a box.

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