My hardest resolution


Yoga every morning? Check.

Not one tim tam consumed? Check.

An adventure every other afternoon with bubs? Check.

Something eaten from the garden each day? Check.

2015 has been a breeze so far. My resolutions all falling into place with some extended maternity leave, a loving happy home and a garden that is thriving.

All except that one, crazy, resolution I tried to make. Okay, that I did actually make:

No screens after dinner

Crazy, right?

Actually, not so much.

After over 10 years of shift work, sometimes not seeing the sun for days on end and regularly getting less than 5 hours sleep a day/night, my body was pretty hopeless when it came to rest. And then I went and had a baby who chose not to sleep for months on end.

During those first six months of motherhood, I dreamt and longed for the time when I could sleep 8 hours straight again.

And eventually, bubs began sleeping through the night.

And I lay awake.

Night after night.

I couldn’t sleep.

I tried diet, I tried exercise, I tried a bath, I tried a book, I tried a warm cup of milk and I even tried alcohol (for the first time in almost two years!). And still, I lay awake.

My resolution to cut out screens after dinner is more than just a hope that it will positively affect my sleep. It’s a small move toward a simpler lifestyle. Because in the past few weeks I’ve realised that it’s quite lovely to tidy things away and wake up to a clean house. Or to read that book that I kept meaning to read. Or to write a letter to my best friend in England. Or to sew those buttons back on to that shirt.

When I was using screens, it’s not like I was staying up late at night to write beautiful, poetic and insightful blog posts or to skype with family overseas. I was going to “bed” at 9pm with my laptop and cruising from one thing to another (facebook, reddit, youtube, imgur, emails etc…) all with the illusion of “research” or “working” when in reality I was doing nothing. Often until past midnight!

I’m not being fanatical about this. I’m not going to sob myself to sleep as a failure if I happen to have to check something online. In fact, I’ve spent two nights this week “attending” webinars after dinner and last week watched a movie with my husband. If there is a specific reason to use a screen then I will. But on the whole, I’m away from screens after dinner and only compromising this for special occasions.

And you know what? I’m sleeping!

Tiny Change for the Day: Try to have a screen free evening. Even just once. And see what happens!

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