Movie Review – The World According to Monsanto

I never really knew much about Monsanto except that Monsanto was “bad”. I knew, anecdotally, that it was doing “bad things” to farming and it was doing “bad things” to food. Aaaand that’s about it. Press me any further and I wouldn’t have been able to give you specifics.

Researching why Monsanto is “bad” was always on my list of things to do, but I just never seemed to find the time. So when I stumbled onto “The World According to Monsanto” I was delighted. Forgetting my mindful attitude I multi-tasked watching the doco while cooking dinner.

For the first third of the movie, that wasn’t a problem. I cooked and occasionally glanced at the film. Personally, I didn’t find the first third overly compelling. But during the second third of the film I found myself stopping chopping/sitrring/measuring regularly as I watched what was unfolding on the screen.

During the last third of the film, my cooking was utterly forgotten. I weas lost in a world of corruption, greed, poison and blatant disregard for health, humanity and the earth. I had my elbows on the kitchen bench, hands under my chin and a husband circling asking what was happening with dinner.

I take most docomentaries with a grain of salt, knowing that they’re generally a one-sided approach to a subject. That said, if only a quarter of the information contained in The World According to Monsanto is true then we, as a species, have great need for concern about Monsanto and like-minded companies. The privatisation of natural foods like fruit and vegetables is horrifying.

The things I learnt from the movie were:

  • Monsanto is unequivocally engaging in morally questionable behaviour;
  • Monsanto are releasing products that may/could/probably will adversely affect health in the long term;
  • Everyone should know about this shift toward the attempted privatisation of the food industry as it affects what you eat, your health, what you can grow and who you can trust to guard your fundamental rights;
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetable from heirloom varieties – it’s the only way to truly know where your food is coming from;

In truth, there aren’t many documentaries that I won’t recommend. Documentaries are much like art – good, bad, pretty, ugly – they all get you thinking. The World According to Monsanto gets you thinking about things that matter. Our food, our health and our rights matter. Be informed about them.

Tiny Change for the Day: Watch The World According to Monsanto here for free.

Note: as with all of my reviews, I review what I want to review with no gifts, coercion or extra love given for my reviews. They are wholly and 100% my thoughts and experience.

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