Melbourne Flower and Garden Show


Photo: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

For those of you who live in Victoria, today marked the start of the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. I’ve been ridiculously excited about this for weeks. Yes, I’m a geek.But visiting gardens, nurseries and shows like these… it’s the perfect way to inspire you to get back into the garden after the long, hot, summer.

If having a veggie garden is something that you’ve always meant to do, or if you have a patch of garden you don’t know what to  do with, or if you only have a balcony but want something green – well this is the perfect place to go for inspiration!


Photot: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

It’s the biggest flower/garden expo in the southern hemisphere and is a wonderful excuse to get out into the fresh air. Even if it’s not your thing, there’s plenty of stuff for kids, there’s plenty of stuff for newbie gardeners and you never know, you may come home a convert to kitchen-garden living!


Photo: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

The weather will be on your side this weekend. Go and enjoy!

Tiny change for the day: get outdoors. Even if it’s not at the flower show, get outdoors and experience nature today.

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