Making Natural Melt and Pour Soap


A lot of stuff that is branded “good for us” is often the very opposite. Off the shelf soap is no exception. I’ve previously written about the awful things found in soap and given that we use it on our single biggest organ (or skin!) we should be mindful of our choices.

You can purchase good soap without the nasties from farmers markets, markets, and online. But obviously, the best case scenario is making your own soaps so you know what goes in them. I don’t have the time to fully make my soaps from scratch so make do with purchasing good quality organic melt and pour soap and scenting them myself. It’s a great activity to do with kids because you can put pretty much anything you want in there.

It takes me about an hour, give or take, to make the soap and then 3 weeks for the soap to cure. The supply lasts us about 3 weeks so when the next batch is ready to use I make a fresh batch to sit and cure.

Here’s how it goes:

Purchase natural and organic melt and pour soap online or in a store. Grate approx 750 grams into a bowl.


Figure out what add ins you want (keeping in mind that anything natural like leaves and flower petals will go brown). For this one I chose fresh ginger, dried mint leaves and lime oil.

Put soap over a double boiler and allow to melt. Try not to stir it excessively as you will create bubbles (as per the photo) which then are bubbles in the soap. I don’t mind for me, but if you’re doing it for a present it’s nicer without.


Once the soap is melted, take it off the double boiler and add your ingredients.


Pour into moulds.


Leave to set overnight and then turn out, transfer to a plate and place them in a cool, dry place for 2-3 weeks to set.


You are now free to have a morning shower happy in the knowledge that you’re not exposing your body to any nasties. (Until your morning tea cupcake at least!)

Tiny change for the day: look for natural soap. It’s no more expensive but much better for your body.

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