Growing Happy Indoor Plants

When I bought my first orchid, the woman told me “look, I’m going to be honest. You’re going to kill your first five orchids. But, one day one won’t die and you’ll be hooked. Stick in there.”


My first orchid

I felt like I was getting a pep talk at my first softball game. I liked it. As though I was now part of some community. The Orchid Killers. Sounds like a band name. (Edit: ha, it is.) Anyways, I took that orchid home, kinda excited and kinda sad, and I did exactly what the nice lady told me: a bit of sun, not too much, and water it once a week. I put it in my laundry and thought “it can look pretty here until it dies”. Four years on and it’s still thriving.


Pride of place in the laundry (L-R: A random bromeliad, the orchid, old man’s beard)

A lot of the key to gardening for me is to not overthink it. If I’d overthought my orchid, I would have watered it too much. I probably would have re-potted it. I would have complicated it. And I probably would have killed it. As it stands, I now have six different orchids around the house. I water them when I remember. I cut them back when they die a bit. I divide them when they have three flowering stems. And, in the last four years, I’ve only killed one.


Succulents are super hardy on window sills and pretty much thrive off neglect…

When it comes to indoor plants, go to your local nursery and ask them for whatever suits your space and your time. If you KNOW you’re going to forget to water it, get something drought tolerant. If you KNOW it’s not going to get much sun, get something that loves the shade. There are a world of exotic, beautiful and hardy plants out there, like Tillandsias (air plants) or Usnea (old man’s beard) which literally live off air and a little water. Even the most forgetful person can keep them alive, right? 


My prediction? Air plants are going to be the next “in” thing with the hipsters. I see air plant jewellery on the horizon… *sigh*

Plants add SUCH a beautiful vibe to your indoor spaces. They help clean the air and they add some nature into your home. Don’t overthink it and worry, just go out and buy SOMETHING. You may, like me, be surprised that they thrive!


Nodding violets like light but not too much directly. They’ll reward good positioning with copious amounts of flowers.


Tiny Change for the Day: Grow something indoors. (Mould in the shower DOESN’T count.)

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