Event Review: Mindful in May

As my followers would know: the last couple of years I’ve been participating in Mindful in May. It’s such a wonderful concept, such a wonderful idea. Undertake to meditate for 10 minutes every day in May and raise money for charity. Simple and effective.

Water_Mountains_Tiny_Green_HandsSince procreating, I’ve been a little strapped for time (as you can probably tell from my randomly timed blog posts), so I was dubious about committing to Mindful in May this year. But I took up the challenge and it was fundamentally life-changing to the point that I must share it with y’all.

Here’s what I learnt this year:

I’m terrible at meditation

Awful at it. Deplorable even. But my practise on day 31 was so much better than my practice on day 1. Who knew that meditation is a skill and when you practice a skill you get better at it…?

Sense of achievement? Tick!

Meditation makes me happy

I noticed an overall raise in my happiness levels over the month of May. I also noticed that I was happier directly after my practice than at any other time of the day, regardless of what time I meditated.

There is always time to meditate

Dammit. You see, I’m the epitome of a procrastinator. And meditation, being a choice and not a necessity, gets pushed to the side because I “never have time”. But now I know the truth. There is always time for meditation. I’ll have to find something else to procrastinate I guess… (Ironing?)

A morning routine makes me more productive.

Wake via baby. Breastfeed. Put baby back to sleep. Get up and meditate. Do a few salutes to the sun. Oil pulling. Body brushing. Shower. Breakfast. Hunt in the garden for anything to harvest. Attend to baby again and start the day.

With this routine I’ve spent the first part of the morning totally honouring myself: my body, my spirit, my garden and my belly. Hard to have a bad day after that.

I’m more aware of my larger life goals and values

This one surprised me. Who would have thought that Mindful in May would make me more (gasp) mindful??? I’m more connected to who and what I want to be and that makes me happy.


Once again, I’m wonderfully happy to have partaken in Mindful in May and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Tiny Change for the Day: Mark your calendar for May next year, sign up, and bring yourself some peace!

Note: as with all of my reviews, I review what I want to review with no gifts, coercion or extra love given for my reviews. They are wholly and 100% my thoughts and experience.

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