Create Your Own Cheer Squad!

I’ve got a cheer squad. A personal one. And they’re freaking awesome. No, they’re not actually teenagers with pom poms doing backflips (although that would be kinda fun to have around), they’re people in my life who are supporting and encouraging me to be the best me I can be. They’re the ones who give me a pat on the back when I’m doing well, an encouraging word or two when I fall down and a kick up the arse when I’m being petulant and lazy.

They fall into the following categories:


Let me quickly qualify my definition of family: family are the people in your life that are your kin. For me they are a combination of people I am blood related to, people I am in-law related to and people I love (friends). If your blood family are shitty, then it’s important that you invest in your friends. These then become your family. To me, family are the people in your life who you would lay in front of a bus for, no questions asked.

My family are my most important cheer squad members. Basically because they’re on call 24/7 and they’ve been there through the entire journey. From the girl who used to read The Saddle Club to the teenager who used to get tipsy and pash random boys (ew!) to the semi-mature married mum I am today. They get the context. And they’re never afraid to tell me when to suck it up and get on with the job. But they’re also the people who most genuinely want to see me succeed. Having a supportive family is paramount.

Medical Professionals

I have an extensive list of medical people that I see including a naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, podiatrist, physiotherapist, dentist, doctor, pharmacist, optometrist and personal trainer.

Seems excessive? It’s not. I don’t see all of these people every day. Plenty of them I only see once every six months for a check up (doctor, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist). I only see my pharmacist when I’m sick – and I haven’t been sick for EIGHT months – woop!

But the important thing is that I know them all. I trust them all. I care about them all. They all know me. They know my body and they know my beliefs. I trust that they want to get me healthy and keep me healthy. Everytime I walk out of any of their offices I have a spring in my step because I feel loved and cared for. If you don’t feel loved or cared about by your medical practitioners – get new medical practitioners! They’re your wingmen to keep you healthy on this journey of life. You need to feel the love!

Bathtimers and Bedtimers

I subscribe to things that make me happy. My current subscriptions are: Wellness Magazine, Organic Gardener Magazine, The Diggers Club, Runner’s World, Frankie Magazine, and various Podcasts including The Wellness Guys, Sunday Night Safran, Inside the Champion’s Mind, The Wellness Family and Here’s the Thing with Alec Balwyn. Whenever I get any of these things I get a little flutter in my stomach… what inspirations am I going to get today???

These things I read and listen to in the bath or in bed and always walk away feeling positive, relaxed and motivated. Find things that have this effect on you and get more of them in your life. The financial cost is minimal for the joy that they bring!


I have various journals on the go. As I have a newborn, finding time to get things done is really difficult. So one of my journals is dedicated to my “tomorrow list”. It’s a list of things that I want to get done the following day. It’s normally only 5 things that are totally achievable. Yes, a shower is one of them. But crossing things off the list helps remind me, even on the hardest of days, that I have achieved something.

Other journals include a gratitude journal that I write in each night before bed, a values/goals journal that I write in or refer to when I’m feeling lost and a visual journal to help inspire me (filled with images of where I see my life headed).

The combination of these journals (and for me they must be physical journals, not on my computer!), helps to keep me motivated and on track both day to day and in the larger scheme of my hopes and dreams and aspirations.


Creating your own cheer squad isn’t a difficult thing to do. It’s simply a matter of consciously recruiting people and things that make you feel motivated, healthy and happy, and giving yourself permission to let go of that which is toxic in your life. The more you recruit people and things who are in line with who and where you want to be, the closer you will get to who and where you want to be.

Tiny Change for the Day: Reassess your current cheer squad and start recruiting to improve it!

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