Book Review: Make Peace with your Plate


Jessica Ainscough

Jess Ainscough is a well known name to those in the wellness industry. In fact, she’s slowly becoming a household name period. She’s known as the Wellness Warrior and has a story that is inspiring to say the least. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer she took a strict turn to alternative medicine and is healthy, happy and well to this day.

To consolidate all she’d learnt she wrote a book called “Make Peace with Your Plate“. The book is a happy and motivating reflection on how she got rid of all the toxins in her life (including people and activities) and embarked on a journey of self-love from the inside out.

Jess focuses on more than just what you eat. She gives a huge push toward mindset, “when we go on a diet, it’s like we’re declaring war against our bodies. We ‘battle the bulge’ and ‘fight the fat’ and approach weight loss from a place of anger and hate”. Listening to my father describe his current weight loss on the 5-2 diet, I have to say Jess’s mindset really resonated with me. My dad kept going on about how much weight he’d lost. I said to him, “but how do you FEEL?”. He looked perplexed and then said, “good, it means I can drink what I want on Friday and Saturday nights.”

Bizarre. As Jess says, “you can’t wage a war against yourself and expect to win.

Jess stresses that “diets” are no good. What we should be doing is changing our lifestyle to eat fresh, local, organic whole foods. She quotes Dr David Katz “we are mortgaging our health to pay for the pleasure of our palate.” She explains why certain foods react a certain way in our bodies and promises that after a while of eating this way, you won’t want for another packet of chips because you’re changing your entire mindset to go from deprivation and judgement to love and nutrition.

But more than anything, Jess couples this food advice with appropriate lifestyle advice. She stresses the requirement for pushing past just organic food to organic beauty and skin-care products. She implores us to love ourselves “love is the only motivation that will allow you to create a truly happy and healthy life”. She advises on the wisdom of grattitude and the importance of alone time.

And more than anything, she gives you the permission to back yourself, “whenever you begin to question your ability to transform your life, or your motivation begins to wane, I want you to conjure up a vision of the life you know you deserve to be living.”

In reading this book, I felt that Jess wanted me to succeed in my life. That she was a dear friend giving me a pep talk in my hour of need.

Despite the fact that she recommends some things that are a little funky for me (coffee enemas or drinking clay anyone?), overall this book was exactly what I needed to read at the right time to read it. I recommend it to anyone who is on a wellness journey and needs some motivation.

Jess is absolutely an inspiration and the love she shares through her book is heart warming and something we should all aspire to.

Tiny Change for the Day: Buy a copy of Jess’s book or simply check out her blog for inspiration and a quick lesson in self-love.

Note: as with all of my reviews, I review what I want to review with no gifts, coercion or extra love given for my reviews. They are wholly and 100% my thoughts and experience.

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