We are constantly inundated with what we’re supposed to do: eat only organic produce, use only organic/chemical free/ethical products, have a vegie garden, have children, have pets, have a social life, travel extensively, feed our children and pets organic produce, do yoga, meditate, make everything from scratch, volunteer at a local something… oh god, I’m exhausted from even writing that list!

To go from living in our society the way that it is to living the lifestyle described above in one foul swoop is utterly unfeasible.  I mean, can you imagine it? You’d start in the morning, punch yourself in the face at midday, and by dinner you’d be eating chocolate cake while watching Celebrity Apprentice in your sweat-shop made trackies!

This blog isn’t about turning your life upside-down. It’s about giving you ideas to make tiny changes here and there. Changes that are bearable and helpful for you – wherever you’re at. It’s about the tiny changes that I have and continue to make to my life that make me healthier, happier, more connected with the earth and a nicer person to be around.

Browse, enjoy and take from it what is helpful to you.

P.S: Sometimes I review stuff that I like too. I review what I want to review, free from freebies, gifts or other forms of coercion. What you’re getting is my honest, unbiased opinion. I am, however, open to suggestions as I always love new, yummy, gardeney adventures!

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