Event Review: How to Self-Publish Your Passion

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Andrew Watt, Samantha Gowing, and Nat Kringoudis Credit: Alistair Kennedy Photography

Whole Happiness (who I’m slightly obsessed with) announced earlier in the year that they were going to hold a seminar on how to self-publish your passion.  I got excited because a) as mentioned, I’m a little obsessed with Whole Happiness and it’s founder Sam Gowing; b) Nat Kringoudis was going to be one of the presenters (another sometimes obsession of mine); and c) I’ve been desperately wanting to self-publish for ages but somehow not getting around to it.

My wonderful and supportive husband ended up buying me two tickets for my 30th birthday (I know, I’m getting old…) and I couldn’t think of anyone better to take than our old friend, Nouveau Potato.

The event was held at the Donkey Wheel House which was a surprisingly modern and beautiful venue. Here I was thinking that it would be dilapidated as it’s an old building but it has plenty of natural light and lovely interior design. (Yes, there were hanging plants. You know you’re going to win me over with plants of any description right?)

While I was dubious about the third presenter (Andrew Watt) who I’ve not heard of and has self-published a manual about the Australian music industry (seriously, what relevance does that have to my life???), I was blown away by his insight. An exceptionally accomplished man, as a lawyer he advised us on copyright and the legalities of self-publishing (something I’d not considered but was a lovely surprise and incredibly helpful) and took us through the journey of getting things from your laptop to print. To be honest, I’d not considered actually printing any work (I was planning on eBooks) so Andrew’s talk was an eye-opener and inspiring. Perhaps i can do this print thing afterall???

Sam Gowing gave a motivational talk about moving from blogging to publishing and made everyone in the room feel as though we’re making the right decision. She re-affirmed that we most likely have plenty of content and encouraged us to “just do it!”. She also spoke about the powers of social media (both good and bad).

Nat Kringoudis took us through her journey of how she came to publish 7 books (wow!) and the importance of your team. She also helped teach us how to build your team (editors, visual designers, photographers etc…) which was great because I think many of us didn’t know where to start on that front.


Overall, and without giving away these incredible people’s secrets, my main take-aways from the event were:

- self-publishing is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do: it’s you articulating your passion and as such it’s less about making money and more about self-fulfillment;

- the above notwithstanding, you can be very successful if you self-publish;

- self-publishing is work, but worth it;

- you can do it. Your subject matter is worthy, you are worthy;

- there are beautiful people out there who share your passion who are willing to support you;

All the speakers were approachable and encouraged us to get in touch with them should we have any questions or queries which is lovely and generous of them and shows why they are all leaders in their fields. Their love and passion for what they do is admirable.Another lovely upshot of the day was getting into contact with other bloggers and people passionate about writing. It was motivational, inspirational and encouraging. Plus, we got goodie bags! Yum!


My goodie bag. Organic chocolate…didn’t last long…

I suppose the main thing that I walked away with is feeling happy that I’m following my passion and I greatly encourage anyone who has a passion to attend seminars and talks by their heroes. You only have one life and it should be spent doing what you love.


Tiny Change for the Day: Look up seminars or talks on your passion. Even if it’s just a free online youtube video. You will feel more centred, motivated and positive for it!


Note: as with all of my reviews, I review what I want to review with no gifts, coercion or extra love given for my reviews. They are wholly and 100% my thoughts and experience.

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